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1. How fast will action be taken about my complaint? OR How long do I need to wait for redressal of my complaint?

Generally, we take about 24 hours to solve an issue. However, in certain cases, especially those involving coordination between various departments, it might take longer. Please bear with us, we are doing our best to help you.

2. Can I re-open a past complaint that I made?
There, you can enter your phone number to see all the complaints registered under your number. You can then re-post any of your previous complaints.

Yes, you can re-open a past complaint. All complaints are registered under the phone number that you gave at the time of registering the complaint. Click the link below to go to the New Grievance page.  

There, you can enter your phone number to see all the complaints registered under your number. You can then re-post any of your previous complaints.

3. What if I forgot complaint registration number and I want to know the status?

All complaints are registered under the phone number that you gave at the time of registering the complaint. Enter that phone number on the Complaints page and click “Submit”. The system will display all pending complaints made under the given phone number.

4. Who should I contact for repeated issues in my ward?

Call the general phone number +91-452-2525252 and a Customer Service Representative will help you contact the right officer.
Alternatively, you may refer to the following page to find out the concerned officer for your ward and his contact number.

5. How will I know whether and when my complaint was solved? OR Will I be informed of the status of my complaint?

As soon as you make a complaint, our system will send your mobile a message informing of the same. Once the complaint is solved, our system will again send you a message informing you that the complaint is solved. To check the status of your complaint before it is solved, enter the Complaint Reference Number OR your phone number on the Complaint Tracking page to see the current status. Address of the Complaint Tracking page:

6. How can I make a complaint or give feedback about the website?

On the Home page of the ICTS website and on every page on the website, at the very bottom, you can find the link “Feedback”. Click that and the system will display the Feedback page. You can make your comments there.

7. What are the alternative modes of making complaints?

Currently, other than the website, you may also make complaints via:

8. What are the types of complaints that I can make?

At present, we have a total of over one hundred categories of complaints which come under the purview of 7 departments. Please check the table below to see the list of complaints under each department.

SNODepartment NameComplaint Category
1 Accounts Contractor Bill Related
2 Group Schemes,Deposits,EMD and Refunds
3 Others
4 Pension,Family Pension,DCRG Commutation Santioned Details
5 Special Provident Fund
6 Department Test Complaint-1
7 Complaint-2
8 Education Appointment and Postings
9 Appointment and Postings-Compassionated appointments
10 Appointment and Postings-Regular Appointments
11 Disciplinary cases –Appeals
12 Disciplinary cases –Charges 17(a)and17(b)
13 Disciplinary cases –Suspension
14 Noon Meals Scheme –Regular Appoinments
15 Noon Meals Scheme Charges 17(a) and 17(b)
16 Noon Meals Scheme Local Transfers
17 Noon Meals Scheme ML
18 Noon Meals Scheme- Compassionated appointments
19 Noon Meals Scheme-Fixation
20 Noon Meals Scheme-Fixations annaual Increment and All Other Fixations
21 Noon Meals Scheme-Forwarding Pension Proposals Of Retirement /Death Staff
22 Noon Meals Scheme-Suspension Appeals
23 Noon Meals Scheme-Transfers
24 Others
25 Pay Fixation-Fixation Re Fixation Annual Increment and All Other Fixations
26 Pension Benefits-Forwarding Pension Proposals Of Retirement/Death Staff To Account General Chennai
27 RTI-RTI Petitions and Appeals
28 Stationary-Prepared Annual Indent Stationary Items
29 Suit Issues-Court Cases Regarding High Court and District Court and Labour Court
30 Transfers - From Unit to Unit Mutual Transfers
31 Transfers -Local Transfers
32 eGovernance e-Tender
33 Online Payment
34 Online Receipt
35 Engineering -WORKS/ Water Supply/ Sewage Basic Amenities Petitions
36 Borewell and Well Watersupply
37 Building Maintenance (Office Building,Quarters,Schools,ICDS Centers,Noon meals Center,Shopping Complex)
38 Burial Ground and Electrical Crematorium Maintenance
39 Bus Stand Maintenance
40 Contract Workers
41 Culvert
42 Desiliting of Drain/Canal
43 Drinking water contamination
44 Drinking water supply
45 Flood Management
46 Foot Path
47 Lorry water supply
48 Maintenance/Repairs Of Roads
49 Motor used
50 New Sewer Connection
51 Others (Patch Work)
52 Park Maintenance
53 Road Cutting Permission
54 Road Works-CCand BT
55 Sewer House Block
56 Sewer Main Block
57 Sewer Manhole Open or Broken
58 Sewer Manhole Open or Broken
59 Speed Breaker
60 Street Light
61 Strom Water Drain Construction
62 Toilet Maintenance
63 Water Connection
64 Water Supply Leakage Repairs
65 Postal Complaints ACP
66 Complaint to AOP
67 Complaints to ACHO
68 Complaints to ACR
69 Complaints to AEE Street Light
70 Complaints to AEE Zone 1
71 Complaints to AEE Zone 2
72 Complaints to AEE Zone 3
73 Complaints to AEE Zone 4
74 Complaints to CAO
75 Complaints to CE
76 Complaints to CEO
77 Complaints to CHO
78 Complaints to Commissioner
79 Complaints to Council Secretary
80 Complaints to CTPO
81 Complaints to DC
82 Complaints to East AC (Zone3)
83 Complaints to EE Zone 1
84 Complaints to EE Zone 2
85 Complaints to EE Zone 3
86 Complaints to EE Zone 4
87 Complaints to North AC (Zone2)
88 Complaints to PRO
89 Complaints to South AC ( Zone 4)
90 Complaints to West AC (Zone 1)
91 Law
92 Public Health Sanitation Animals Nuisance
93 Bakery smoke Nuisance
94 Bio-Medical Waste-Details
95 Birth /Death Certificate-Current Year
96 Birth Certificate
97 Birth/Death Certificate-Previous year
98 Bpl List Prepartion Details
99 Child Name Regestration in Birth Certificate
100 Cows Nuisance
101 D and O Trade Details
102 De-Addicition and Shelter realted Details
103 Death Certificate
104 Dr.Muthulakshmi Reddy Maternity benefit Scheme
105 Epidemic Diseases
106 Flood Management
107 Garbage
108 Maintenance Of Electrical Crematorium Deatils
109 Mosquito Menace
110 Open drainage
111 Pollution Control
112 Street Dogs nuisance
113 Temporary Crackers Licenses Workers
114 Revenue Drain.Maint.Charges
115 Litigation
116 Name Correction
117 Name Transfer
118 New Assessments
119 Non tax- Monthly Rental
120 Non tax-Annual Lease
121 Others
122 Parking Charges
123 Pay&Use Toilet
124 Professional Tax
125 Property Tax
126 Property Tax
127 Request For Information
128 VLT
129 Water Charge
130 STREET LIGHT Street Light
131 Town Planning Buliding Application
132 Buliding Debris
133 Buliding License
134 Buliding Plan renewal
135 Buliding Plan Verification
136 Buliding Plannig Permission
137 Buliding Rule Violation
138 Bus Shelter
139 Delimation
140 Encroachments
141 Hoarding Removal UAC
142 Layout Approval
143 Others
144 Petty Shop
145 Request For Information
146 Reserve Site
147 Sub –Division Approval
148 Survey
149 Town Plannig-General works
150 Unauthorised Construction

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